Roma Rep. - AR Denarius - Serratus - 118AC - SYD 523


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Roma Republica  AR Denarius 

Year: 118AC 

AR Serrate Denarius

Licimia 14; SYD 523 


AR 18mm 4,0gr 

Cunhada pela familia FURIA

MintMark: X - Behind head

Observe: L. POMPONI. CNF - Head of Roma right, wearing winged Attic helmet; X (mark of value) behind

Reverse: L. LIC. CN DOM - in exergue, naked warrior (Bituitus) standing right, holding shield, carnyx, and reins in biga galloping right

This issue commemorates the Roman victory in 121 BC over Bituitus, King of the Arverni in Gaul. In 118 BC a Roman colony was founded at Narbo, when and where this issue was struck.