Imp Bizantino - AE Follis - Phocas 602-610DC - Constantinople

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Imp Bizantino - AE Follis - Phocas 602-610DC 

Year: Phocas 602-610DC 

AE Follis 

Imperador Phocas 

SB 640, MIB 61-62. 576 combinations known


AE 12.40g 31mm

Byzantine - Constantinople

MintMark: CON

Observe:  DM FOCAE PP AVG, crowned, mantled bust facing, holding mappa and cross (or mappa and eagle-tipped sceptre), sometimes with cross to left or cross to left and right, or star to left

Reverse:  Large XXXX, ANNO above, regnal year to right, mintmark CON and officina letter.