Austria - 25 Euro - 2019 - Artificial Intelligence - Niobium


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Austria - 25 Euro
Year: 2019
Series Silver Niobium Coin Series
Theme: Artificial Intelligence
Composition: Silver-Niobium 
Fineness: 0.900
Weight: 16.5000g
Quality: Special uncirculated FC
Diameter: 34mm
Mint Münze Österreich
Mintage: 65.000
Delivery In original box with certificate of authenticity

The blue niobium core of the 25 Euro coin depicts the head of a humanoid robot and a processor. The conductor tracks of the processor reach into the outer silver ring. The niobium core shows the developments of artificial intelligence - e-health, smart machines, processor development, digitization, data analysis and the artificial neuronal networks. The ring of silver shows a binary code, the inscriptions "„REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH“, „25 EURO“ and the year 2019. What makes the Silver Niobium coins so special is the fact that their niobium tones arise without the application of colour, purely through light refraction on an extremely thin, transparent oxide layer.