Austria - 25 Euro - 2003 - 700 Years of Hall in Tyrol - Niobium

Austria - 25 Euro
Year: 2003
Series Silver Niobium Coin Series
Theme: 700 Years of Hall in Tyrol
Composition: Silver-Niobium 
Fineness: 0.900
Weight: 16.5000g
Quality: Special uncirculated FC
Diameter: 34mm
Mint Münze Österreich
Mintage: 50.000
Delivery In original box with certificate of authenticity

The charming first coin in the Austrian Mint’s innovative Silver Niobium 25 euro series, 700 Years of Hall in Tyrol ingeniously introduces the two elements that combine to set this unique series apart from the rest.

The coin commemorates the charter granted over 700 years ago to the town of Hall in the Tyrol, where the first large silver coin, the Guldiner, was struck in 1486. The die used to make the Guldiner features in the blue niobium core of the coin’s reverse, a reference to Hall’s historical role in the minting business as well as the metal that forms the outer ring of all the coins in the Silver Niobium series. A relatively new find only discovered in 1801, niobium plays an important role in the space industry, something acknowledged on the coin’s reverse, where a satellite maps the town of Hall from space